Does Pressure Washing HARM your Car?

There are hundreds of people who send various questions to us to know more about a car pressure washer before they invest money in it; however, there are a few questions that are repeatedly asked to us. If you have certain doubts in your mind and you are here to have them cleared, we are here to discuss about the most important thing that, we are sure, is running in your head.

Does pressure washing harm your car in any way?

You may have read somewhere about how harsh the speed of the water is in this product and thus, you may have gone through the list of all those “cons” or “disadvantages” that challenge you when you use a car pressure washer. However, the truth is that most of these “demerits” are nothing, but myths. Also, there are a few demerits that can be ignored, unless you want to trust them and keep paying to the car washing service providers who, ultimately, use the same method to clean the exteriors of your car.

The truth is that the product DOES NOT harm your car in any way, unless you have no idea about the safe PSI for car wash. If you want to wash your car without hampering its exteriors, you have to choose the appropriate PSI, which is the abbreviation for the term Pounds per Square Inch. The term stands for the appropriate pressure level of the water you use to clean your car. Choose the water pressure to be anywhere between 1200 – 1900 PSI and you can surely keep your car safe and clean, both at the same time.

According to the experts, 1.4 0 1.6 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) is perhaps the best speed to clean the car without harming its exteriors in anyway at all. Also, let’s not forget if the water pressure is too high, you might hurt and injure someone seriously. Yes – water can also cause a lot of serious injuries if the pressure is way too high and the pressure washer goes haywire.

If you are planning to wash the tires of your car, the best pressure for the same is anywhere between 30 to 35 PSI. This pressure will ensure that your tires are cleaned in the correct manner so that the next time you drive your car, you feel like you are driving on the roads made from silken threads.