All You Need to Know About Disc Brakes

In this day and age, Disc Brake is one of the best braking systems available to us. They are used in various types of vehicles such as cars, jets, and trains. People are choosing disc brakes over other braking systems because they are more sturdy than your normal drum brakes, less prone to grabbing and pulling, self-adjusting, and self-cleaning, get less affected by water, giving it a longer life span. Disc brakes mainly consist of three parts:

Brake Pads

Brake pads come in different types and qualities, so choosing one for your car is very important. Each caliper has two brake pads mounted on each side of the rotor. The harder the lining of the pads are, the more durable and long-lasting they will be. Brake pads should be checked for wear and tear periodically as this can eventually extend the life of your rotors and provide you with a smooth braking system. If the lining wears down to the metal brake shoe, then the shoe will rub directly against the rotor causing severe damage to the system leading to brake fails and can impede braking time.  


The Disc Rotors are circular in shape with highly machined surfaces with pads attached to them via the calliper. They are mainly made of iron. When you press the brake, the pads rub against the rotor making it to stop, thus eventually wearing out. The wear pattern matches the wear patterns of the pads as they seat themselves to the rotor, thus when changing the pads, you should also check your rotors and fine-tune them to have even contact with the new pads. 

Caliper Support

The most popular and cost-effective calipers are the Floating Calipers and the Fixed Calipers. A floating caliper moves in a track in its support to center itself over the rotor. As the brake is applied, the hydraulic fluid pushes in two directions and the piston is forced against the inner pad, which in turn, pushes against the rotor, pushing the caliper in the opposite direction against the outer pad and pressing it against the other side of the rotor. Fixed calipers are mounted rigidly to the support with two pistons on each side that presses the pads against the rotor, giving a better braking experience. They are mainly found in more expensive cars giving them a luxurious feel. ensures that you have high-quality certified braking products at affordable prices.