Five Reasons to Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Everyone who uses a vehicle knows that after an average of 10000 miles or 12 months, the oil should be changed. But do you know why? Why three months or 10000 miles? What happens if you pass that number or get your vehicle serviced before it? Here are five reasons to get your car serviced regularly and how it benefits you.

Keep Yourself Safe

The top reason anyone would want to service their car would be to stay safe when using it. Every time you go out of the road something in your car can change, there is no set time limit for when something can shift out of place, rust, or get too old. Regularly servicing your car means you don’t have to worry about sudden changes – you’ll see them as they happen!

Vehicle Performance

Getting your car serviced regularly means things like oil and other car fluids are topped up regularly. Keeping car fluids from getting too low or too old can increase the performance of your vehicle by decreasing wear from lack of fluids.

Fuel Efficiency

Regular servicing, and therefore regular fuel top-offs, can increase the fuel efficiency of your car the same way that it can improve the performance of the vehicle. For most people, a car with better gas mileage is an all-around better car.

Vehicle Longevity

Increased vehicle performance and fuel efficiency can increase the lifespan of your car. Getting your car serviced regularly prevents many simple problems that could arise, meaning your vehicle will last longer and work better for you.

A Maintenance Record

For people that may not want to keep their car for as long as it’s able to run – maybe they found a new vehicle they want, are passing it down to someone else, or want to get rid of an older car – there is always the option of selling. However, it is hard to sell a vehicle without proof that it runs well and has for or no significant complications that would change the value of the car. Regularly servicing your vehicle lets you keep a record of the car repairs and how its maintenance during the time you had it, making it much easier to sell in the future.