Car Tint Cleaning and Maintenance

Although there are many similarities between cleaning tinted windows and normal windows, you should be especially careful with the materials and cleaners used when cleaning tinted windows. Getting to know the type of products to use, how to use them and the care to take will extend the life of your car tint.  Below are some tips to help your tint last longer and keep looking great.

Leave Tint Untouched for Two Days

Once the tint has been applied, it is important to leave it untouched for two days. With newly installed car tints, this helps ensure that the films have properly adhered to the glass. This will prevent the films from peeling off the glass when it is rolled up or down. You may develop an urge to clean up the tint because of its hazy look, but after the two days have passed, it should be safe for you to clean the window tint.

Ensure Tint Is Dry

You don’t want to run the risk of pulling the tints loose for something that could have been easily prevented. Conduct a thorough inspection before rolling down the windows to make sure the tints are completely dry. When the tint installation is done the windows would have been lightly wiped, as this is the best time to give the tints a good cleaning.

Prepare Tool Bag

When cleaning tinted windows, you should keep in mind that they are very delicate compared to normal windows. The film installed on tinted windows is very thin and easy to remove if not carefully maintained. The tints require very gentle products to clean them – under no circumstances should ammonia-based products be used. Soft paper towels and microfiber cloths are highly recommended to clean car tints, as they are of light material and will not cause damage to the tints. Ammonia-based products are highly discouraged because they can lighten the tints and even cause its material to become dry and brittle.

Gently Clean Your Tint

When cleaning, it is best to use two soft cloths. One should be used for cleaning and the other for drying. Ammonia cleaners can be used on the outside parts of the windows where it is not tinted, but this should be carefully done, as even a small splash of ammonia can affect the tint. To ensure the tint lasts longer, the edges should not be saturated. For tough stains, the cloth can be soaked in the cleanser for effective cleaning. Ensure the wipe strokes done are opposite is highly discouraged hence distilled water is the most ideal.

If you spot any unusual behaviour with the tints, be it spots, bubbles, peeling or loss of color, you should not try to make your own repairs. It is better to have an expert resolve these problems.

Great looking tint is not just about choosing the best tint and having it installed by an expert; it is also a result of proper care and maintenance. These tips should help your tint last longer and look great.