What Causes Uneven Wear of Car Tires

Car tire wear is a natural phenomenon that is inevitable in time. But at times, your car tires can wear off much before they are supposed to.  Many a times, it so happens that your mechanic complains about tires wearing off unevenly. They might use some terms like Cupping, Feathering or Scalloping and you might be at a loss, what they actually refer to. But before we go into the details about what these terms mean to your car tire, let us first discuss how uneven tire wear affects you.

Uneven tire wear will always pose an expensive threat to the car owners. Because of uneven tire wear, a single tire might need to be prematurely replaced while other tires are doing fine. The worst part of the entire issue is that, an uneven tire wear generally happens prematurely, when you are least expecting to invest in a new tire. To prevent such incidents, the experts of the Henderson Mazda dealership explained the causes and suggested some tips that can prevent the tires from wearing off unevenly.

Feathering of Tires

Feathering of tires means treading of the ribs of the tires, which means the lowering or smoothening  of the tire on one side while it stays higher and sharper on the other. It is also called “Toe” wear, which is the angle of the tires that points either inward or outward, if you look at it from a top-down view. Toe wear generally happens because of wrong tire alignment.

Wear at the Center of Tires

When a tire experience thinner tread at the center of it rather than the external edges, it is called as center wear. This happens mostly due over-inflation leaving the middle portion exposed more to the road than the outer edges.

Wear at the Edges

Sometimes thinner tread takes place at both of the outer edges more than that of the center. This is caused when the tire gets under-inflated, and because of which the edges get dragged along the road and hence wear out before time.

This type of tire wear is also called “Camber” wear in which a particular angle in which the tire touches the ground more and can see it if you watch from the front of the car. This too is caused out of wrong alignment.

Scallop Wear

This generally refers when the tire gets worn out diagonally at “scalloped” or evenly spaced spots because of damaged or worn out suspension parts, or at times because of the lack of tire rotation.

Wear of Flat Spots

When multiple spots of the tire get worn out, it is indicative of improperly balanced tires that can form because of hard braking and tire skids.

Best Preventive Solutions

When all these uneven tire wears are indicative of lack of tire maintenance, like proper inflation, balance, alignment, and rotation, the very obvious cure to these issues is regular maintenance from a trusted service center. At Mazda dealer near Henderson, the expert team offer best tire maintenance services to save your car tires for a lifetime.