Special Maintenance Tips for Your Car in Summer

Come summer and it’s the time to chillout and spend time with your family and friends, hitting the beaches, exploring off-road beaten tracks or go on that long road trip or go fishing with your group of buddies. This is one of the best seasons to take your vehicle with you and that’s one of the reasons you need to keep it maintained and in good shape and summer ready. While on a visit to the Acura dealer Glendale we decided to get some firsthand information from the technocrats out there and gathered some special maintenance tips for your car in summer.

Best Time for Interior Detailing

Summer is one of the best times for interior detailing and wash as things get to dry faster whether you are using that water jet to clean your floor mats or special cleaners and conditioners to spruce up the leather interiors. Cloth seats especially when shampooed need to be dried out keeping the doors open as they tend to soak up some of that liquid and water. Most detailing tasks can be performed using materials lying around your house like alcohol swabs, kitchen cleaners and even things as silly as toothpaste that can help remove some of the nastiest of stains and odors. A note of caution however is to better take professional help if you are dealing with some of the premium interiors especially premium wood paneling.

Jet wash that undercarriage

Summer is also one of the good times to get that undercarriage jet washed to get rid of grime and dirt under the vehicle. You could get this done from that drive-in car-wash but you have used your car for that off-road adventure, you could also consider getting a detailed jet wash from a professional service station that provides under chassis cleaning. Cleaning under the car is just as important as the outside as it prevents corrosion. Further, it also helps detect any faults or damages under the car which could be hidden due to the dirt.

Good Time for Wax and Polishing Jobs

Though polishing and applying coating with car wax is done on new vehicles to dust proof and protect the paint for a longer period, it could be done on older vehicles as well to add bring back some life and add shine to the exteriors. Of course, the best time to achieve this would be in summers as there are various stages in this process that involve cleaning, washing, drying out, polishing, application of various sprays and finally application of that wax coating that needs natural drying.

Engine Cleaning, Tire and Accessory Replacements

Like the undercarriage is susceptible to dirt and sticking mud that needs cleaning, the exterior of your car engine needs some attention too. Oil from the engines and other components tends to spray coat the exterior of the engine and dust somehow always finds a way to sneak in causing hard to remove grime. A good spray wash to the engine exterior helps and this can be done professionally at Acura Glendale. Summers provide you with a good opportunity to check, rotate and replace tires too and you might want to take a rain check on the wiper blades before the rains.