What Can Get Damaged in Your Car After a Rear-End Collision

Collisions happen because of reasons that are beyond the control from either or both of the drivers involved. Even with the latest safety features, none can say for sure that we are free from collisions for ever till now. it can come from any side, at any force and from any road user. But the way it can affect a car can be predicted depending upon the direction where the collision had its most crucial impact.

Here we will talk about the rear-end collisions that happen most frequently than other ones. The reason is however pretty predictable. Either it was too less following space in between, or your car has either abruptly slowed down or stopped, or you were trying to take a lane diversion, without making proper use of the rear-view mirror. Sometimes, it might not be your fault, but the fault of a speeding vehicle that couldn’t calculate its movement while driving ahead. Whatever is the reason, the rear-end collisions are mostly capable of causing the following damages that will need an immediate collision repair.

The Car Transmission

The first thing that can get damaged after a rear-end collision is the car transmission. Vehicles that run as all-wheel-drive and more specifically rear-wheel-drive have their transmission placed at the rear portion of the vehicle. This expose them to rear-collision damages. Signs of transmission damages are mostly observed when there are too frequent transmission slips, a leakage in the transmission fluid or a difficulty in shifting the gear, especially after a rear-end collision, then it is sign of a trouble with the mechanism of the transmission. Driving with such faulty transmission can cause further road accidents as it will reduce the control on the vehicle and make the handling a challenge for the driver.

Undercarriage Damage

The part beneath your car is known as the undercarriage, which contains several critical and delicate components of the car. In the event of a rear-end collision, all these components can get affected severely. The exhaust system, the silencer, the axle are the parts that get damaged if the car rolls on a pothole after getting a forceful collision at the rear end. As a result, your car might start vibrating more, make weird sounds, move with jerks and can even stop moving altogether.

Damages to Car Alignment

The other damage that is commonly observed after a rear-end collision is wreaking havoc with the car alignment. Symptoms like unusual vibrations, wobble of the steering, and the vehicle pulling towards one side of the road without the driver intending it to, are indicative of poor car alignment that can cause overstress to the tires, suspension and brakes. All this will eventually wear down all these more parts much before they were supposed to. Alignment issues does pose a serious threat to the safety standards of your vehicle.

What Experts Advice

If your vehicle has encountered a rear-end collision and is suffering from any of these above- mentioned issues, then the experts of Salisbury collision repair have a word of advice for you to consult and get a thorough inspection done from a trustable collision repair center.