Things You Should Know Before You Decide to Import a Car to Canada

Many people often prefer to import a car from some other country mainly due to two reasons. Some people are crazy about certain models of car and they want to have that car in any way. There are certain other categories of importers who buy car at a cheap rate from other countries and then get it imported to Canada. Even if you look at the prices of the car in the neighboring countries like USA, you will realise that you can get fancy cars at a moderate rate and it is really very attractive to import to Canada.

Though in this article we will limit our discussion only to cars however rules involved in importing any other kind of vehicles including truck, motorcycle, SUV or any other kind of vehicles will also be more or less the same.

Readers should also note that this article will only provide few general information about importing car to Canada and should not be considered as an official guide for importing car. Here, we shall restrict our discussion mainly on importing from neighboring countries like USA, from where most of the people import cars.

Therefore, before you decide to import or make any financial commitment make sure to know about the rules and do your homework well about Clearit car importing. You can also visit official websites of importing car to Canada and get all the related information to update your knowledge about this matter.

If you ever visit US and Canada border, it will be a common sight to find a number of vehicles stranded in the border where people have left their car near the US or Canadian custom office. They also need to pay charges for storing their car too. People who are stranded at the border need to find a suitable transport to reach their destination and wait for custom clearance before they take their car to Canada. Therefore, it is essential that you should be aware about all the paper work necessary so that you can bring your car after completion of necessary formalities.

In the nutshell, there should be clarity on following three categories and their sub-categories while importing any car to Canada.

  1. Country of export   
  1. Customs
  2. Vehicle/ purchase detail papers
  3. State specific requirements for exports
  4. Recalls
  1. Canadian requirements
  1. Provincial
  2. Federal
  3. Vehicle inspection
  4. Expenses
  1. Methods used for importing car to Canada
  1. Trailer the car
  2. Simple drive away or fly and buy
  3. Vehicle carrier service.

What are the requirements from exporting country?

Since most of the import takes place from USA which is a bordering country and also rules of different states of USA may vary therefore you need to refer a website related to these rules so that you can fill-up necessary forms properly.

Following documentations that you need to submit to the US customs

  • Title/registration of the car
  • Forms as per the state
  • All the bills regarding sale and purchase of the car

Requirements in Canada

First of all, you need to check whether your car is suitable for importing to Canada as certain models are not allowed in Canada. Then you must submit all the documentations as needed by the Canadian authority. Make sure that all the necessary declarations have been made.

To follow the whole procedure, you need to have good patience and knowledge of the rules. Any mistake or violation of the rule can put you in difficulty in the border.