Palmer Administrative Services: A Company Making A Real Difference In Auto Protection

20 years ago, the auto insurance industry was almost struggling to remain relevant. Recovering from several worldwide financial crises and widespread consumer fears, Palmer Administrative Services Inc. rose from the ashes and emerged far stronger and more efficient than ever before. Which is why today it is a major stakeholder in the auto insurance industry. Palmer extended warranty reviews will tell you that, and more.

For those of you who are buying a car for the first time, telling the difference between an extended warranty and a service contract can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. And whilst a lot of auto protection firms try to hide those differences in the fine print, the agents at Palmer Administrative Services ensure that clients are well versed with the important differences. They make it absolutely clear that a warranty is typically included in the price of your motor vehicle of choice, whilst a service contract costs extra. A useful aid when you eventually have to pay for maintenance and repair costs.

Located in at 3430 Sunset Ave Ocean, New Jersey 07712, Palmer Administrative Services has the reputation of fielding well-trained, professional agents to assist clients from far and wide.

So one asks, what has been its secret magic formula, as plenty of auto insurance firms have come and gone and it still remains the benchmark of auto protection? Well, this comes in the wake of the announcement by CEO of Palmer Administration Services -Michael Shaftel- of the company’s intention to increase the number of agents under its employ.

This isn’t just testament to the dedication and effort of those who’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain the company’s vision, but a fitting example of how this company has expanded quite rapidly in the past 30 years. In line with the founding father’s goal to provide more specialised services, whilst ensuring the efficient running of operations, the CEO had this to say: “We are seeing increasing interest in our services throughout the country. Since we are primarily based in New Jersey, we are hoping that expanding our Current staff of agents will have a real and direct impact on the way we interact with out customers. These new agents will act as inter-state representatives for the firm, advancing our cause into other states.”

Palmer Administrative Services Inc. wasn’t just formed to be a vehicle of profit, but it is a company that gives back to its loyal clients from time to time. Because of the fact that different motor vehicle owners come from different backgrounds, their underlying philosophy going forward is “specialisation”. Currently offering 6 different auto protection plans ranging from classic and basic, to the more expensive premier and elite exclusionary plans, their medium to long-term vision is to expand into emerging markets.

What Makes Palmer So Different From The Competition?

With the large number of auto protection extended warranties out there, it’s only normal that prospective clients ask that nagging question. Well, the truth is that we offer extended service warranties that solve many -if not all- of the typical problems clients face. For example:

*Inflexible plans and rigid payment options.

*Complicated claims processing.

*Unskilled and inexperienced staff who don’t have an idea what they’re doing.

*Outdated collection management systems.

And that’s just a tiny tip of the iceberg. Try us out and find out more about how we can make your life a lot simpler than it already is.