Winter Tire Change: Some Important Points Is To Be Noted

Every driver knows it all too well. Twice a year you have the pleasure of picking up your car and changing the tires to winter or summer tires. When the temperatures drop slowly into the basement, and the first snow announces, then it usually takes time. But you actually have to change your tires and what happens when you get involved in an accident in which you were out with summer slippers in winter.

When Will it be Time for the Tire Change?

A popular rule of thumb is from “O” to “O,” from Easter to October. This means that at Easter and October the tire change should take place, right here explains how to remove Nissan titan spare without tool. However, it can be in some cities it happens quite often that it is actually relatively warm in winter. So every year I ask myself anew, what really applies? It depends on the specific winter conditions. If it is still warm enough in your city in December for a summer tire, then in other parts of the country can already prevail in winter conditions. In order to avoid wear of winter tires in warmer temperatures, you should only change these from temperatures below 15 degrees. Who goes into winter sports, should take this into account.

How Do I Recognize a Winter Tire?

A winter tire is a so-called M + S (mud and snow) tire. In order to improve the driving characteristics, these tires have a better profile, so that in the corresponding weather conditions more grip is available. The tread grooves are usually broader and deeper in these tires. The problem with these tires, however, is that they are not subject to single quality inspection. If you want to be on the safe side, pay attention to the special Alpine symbol (mountain with snowflake). You can be sure that the winter tire has gone through extensive and standardized tests.


Although it is an annoying job to make your vehicle suitable for winter, it is necessary and should not be taken lightly. It can be really expensive to cause a traffic accident with summer tires in the winter. Not to mention that in an accident people can be injured – and only because it was too lazy or stingy for winter tires. Therefore, one should keep the weather conditions between the seasons in mind. Either you change yourself or look for a workshop.