What Can Cause your Car Windshield Chip?

The windshield in any vehicle is considered as one of the major structural componentsthat protects the driver from dust and flying objects while making things visible at the best. But the vulnerable material with which it is made and the position in which it is installed also makes it exposed to several probabilities of damage for different reasons causing a great safety hazard. At the event of a collision the first thing that gets damaged is the windshield, making it impossible for the driver to drive further even if everything else is fine. Once broken or chipped off, the windshield obstructs the frontal visibility without which the driver cannot drive. So what can cause the windshield chip? And what can be done to avoid such hazardous situations that canhelp keep the windshield glass intact?

The collision repair experts of the Manchester Chevrolet dealer shared with us some important facts knowing which we felt much more secure. If you too are feeling curious to know about them, take a look below.


Even a light head on collision can cause the windshield break down or crack up in a nasty way, making the car immobile and impossible to drive any further, unless you break it all and can drive that way to the coming collision repair shop.

Falling ofHard Objects

There can be hard objects falling on your windshield out of nowhere and chip the glass off. But you can save yourself from such mishap by driving carefully and not passing too close by any construction site, big trucks carrying stone chips at the back.

Sometimes even bigger vehicles break loose the road surface if it is already in a bad shape and make them fly behind while driving at a great speed and bumping on any pothole.  So it is always recommendable to maintain a safe distance from such heavy vehicles that are driving in front of you.


Severe storms can also cause damage to your car windshield quite unexpectedly. Storms often carry airborne missiles, breaking off tree branches, throwing rocks, and big tin sheets randomly. If your car comes in its way, standing or moving unprotected, it can become the victim in no time. So, avoid driving in such heavy storms and park it somewhere safe, with the front end facing the wall.

If you’re caught while driving during a hailstorm, the fast-moving hails can often fall hard on your car windshield cracking or chipping it off without mercy. The best way to avoid such dangerous incident is to drive off the road and park the car somewhere under a cover like a covered parking slot and wait for the weather to improve.

The Bottom Line

Even after following all possible preventive measures, if your windshield gets damaged even slightly, do not wait to repair it till things get worse. Though the repair might be an expensive one, the value of human life is greater in all means. If you have any windshield related query feel free to speak to any of the experts who serve at the Manchester Chevrolet dealership service center.