Tire Repair – Not What It Used To Be

Lately, the entire automobile industry has continually been swept off its feet with numerous ground-breaking innovations. However, these amazing innovations have also greatly influenced the tire repair division of the industry as well by ushering in systems that have greatly simplified repair jobs while also enhancing results and performance. In fact, what is on the ground now is quite different from what was obtainable before 1975 when plugs are used in tire repair work. The invention of steel belted radial has made the entire process of tire repairs far more sophisticated.

The belted radial design involves a lot of technical skills to properly work on. This is as a result of its complex design that involves the use of threads of metal which are woven into the tire. This makes it sturdier and harder to penetrate. However, plugs are not entirely discarded but rather used to give the tire a safer status through its collaboration with the interior patch. This collaboration is necessary because of the following reasons:

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  1. Separation Danger

Plugs have the tendency to separate from the tire especially in situations where the tire is exposed to enormous heat as a result of increased speed. Therefore no professional tire repair shop will gamble with the decision of using just the plugs alone in tire repairs because it poses great danger and could lead to an accident.

  1. Plugs and Patches

Usually, during the periods where the plug was used in the repair of tires, the standard repair procedure then involved the removal of the item from the rim. Afterward, a glue-like material is then used alongside a rubber patch and a plug in the repair. But these days the patch and plug come as a single unit, so all that the professional needs to do are carry out the repair work, wait a little while and then inflate and mount the tire back on the vehicle.

  1. Do-It-Yourself

Bear in mind that with the tire plugging, repairs of the tire can be done by anybody regardless of your location and knowledge of the act. Most of these repair kits come with all the necessary equipment and materials that are needed to do the job. Therefore with everything at the disposal of whoever intends to repair his or her vehicle tire, the individual only has to refer to the repair manual for step by step guidelines the repair process.

Repair kits are sold at various emergency repair shops and outlets and also at a very economical price. Furthermore, there are video clips readily available on various auto-repair websites and channels for persons who intend to carry out do-it-yourself repairs of their vehicle tires.

Although carrying out do-it-yourself repairs on vehicle tire sounds quite exciting but it still doesn’t override the fact that, tire repairs are best carried out by professionals who well equipped with the necessary skills, experience, and equipment that are guaranteed to produce a perfect repair job.