Things to Consider in Car’s Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement is an accessory with many benefits for your cars. It is starting from reducing the heat from sun radiation to protecting your privacy. In the market, there are many types of auto glass with various levels of the darkness. You can choose one of them based on your wants and necessities of course. Particularly for the front glass, the car owners must be really careful in making a decision. There are many cases when the auto glass chosen disturbs the vision while driving. So, what is the best auto glass for the car? Here is the explanation.

Although you may want your privacy to keep well, the front glass should not be too dark. The best level for this area is 40%. With this maximum level, the sight of driver is controlled well at noon in which you can clearly see for minimum 500 meters. This level is changed if you have certain vision problems. For conditions where the eyes are categorized as not normal, it is recommended to choose an auto glass with lower percentage of the darkness level.

On the other hand, the darkness levels can be more for side glass but it should not be more than 80%. Psychologically, the use of dark auto glass tends to make the cabin feels cooler and not stuffy for the sun radiation. Sure, it is also for the safety since the cabin cannot be seen outside.

Remember that the glass will be used for a long term. But to reach that stage, there is a main requirement in which the installment must be done properly. Make sure that there is no bubble. The bubble is of course disturbing your sight more. Besides, the cloth used to clean the glass must be soft and smooth to avoid any scratch. Is it difficult to install it by yourself? Ask someone professional to do it.