The Best Electric Cars of 2018

Despite the Government pushing more motorists to buy an electric motor before 2030, whether people go through with the switch beforehand is not likely to happen if it doesn’t prove to be the ultimate money-saver. However, the amount of money saved depends entirely on which manufacturer the car belongs to, and because every electric car is different, you’re going to want to know which of them are the UK’s favourites before you consider making the change.

1) Nissan Leaf

For an electric car, the Nissan Leaf is not even slightly based off the stereotyped, ugly-looking EVs displayed on cartoon adverts on the TV. Instead, the Leaf is very much the same as your everyday conventional petrol and diesel car – in a sense – whereby it offers all the latest infotainment tech and advanced gadgets to keep you entertained for the entire duration of any journey you make. There’s not much need to mention that the previous-generation of Nissan’s Leaf proved thoroughly dependable and was brilliant at proving the concept of new technology being full of clever glitches – in the same sense, not much has changed this time around. The Leaf also comes with plenty of standard safety kit, a punchy performance and a lot of boot space, so you can’t say you don’t get your money’s worth!

2) Volkswagen e-Golf

Though it looks very much the same as the conventional version of the VW Golf, the e-Golf has been dubbed the second-best electric motor here in the UK. It’s no wonder why, and since Volkswagen is amongst the most popular, well-established vehicle manufacturers across the globe, motorists have every reason to trust that the company can build them a decent motor that proves to be greener for the environment while not slacking in performance on the road. To cut it short, the e-Golf is a revamped version of the car VW lovers are so in love with.

3) BMW i3

Even though it’s not the most attractive car to look at, when you know how much money you save from not having to fuel it up, you’d be more than happy to be sat behind the wheel. It appears the Brits consider the i3 EV to be amongst the best on the current market, mostly thanks to the level of practicality and generous amount of space for occupants, but more so thanks to the plentiful selection of colour schemes to choose from when buying one of them.

4) Tesla Model S

Words cannot describe Tesla’s new Model S concept car. The company has taken the looks of the car’s older sibling, the Model X, but this time around has transformed the vehicle into something much easier to look at; drivers have been known to stand in awe of its stunning looks. More to the point, Tesla has been at the forefront of brilliant electric motors for years now, but the Model S is something else; it’s a car that could completely change the way motorists see electric cars in the near future.