How to Troubleshoot a Diesel Engine Fuel Shutoff Solenoid?

If you are a driver or own such a business that your routine work is to deal with the vehicle and driving them. If you frequently drive trucks and cars and work upon their parts like engine and its overall working function then, you must be aware of the process of working and troubleshooting any problem that may arise at any point of time. Today we are going to discuss the same matter. Usually, drivers think upon the requirement for gathering information about the manual shutting off the engine. Here is the reason for the same.

Foster truck engine possess electric lift pumps. Their function is to suck the fuel out of fuel tank with the help of a filter and supply it at a low pressure to a high-pressure injection pump. The engine continues to work until there will be any leakage in the fuel line. Fuel shutoff solenoid is the only thing here that can turn off the engine. Its only function is to pull the lever and move the rack backward so that it stops the fuel supply to the plunger.

The solenoid is placed in the fuel pump but the electric switch is located at drivers’ compartment. At the time of malfunctioning of the ignition switch. In such a driver must know the operation method to shout down the engine manually. Many switches possess manual override to manage the situation of power failure. In such a situation, fuel shutoff solenoid plays a vital role by stopping the flow of fuel to the engine in the case or any accident and avoids a big loss.

Earlier, in the trucks, vacuum systems were there.  It was consist of vacuum switch that was used to operate the function of stopping the fuel supply through the engine but now in modern trucks vacuum switch has been replaced by a solenoid that is much more reliable and efficient in managing the operation of stopping fuel supply.