How Genesis Positioned Itself in the First Row of Premium Luxury Cars

“Athletic Elegance” is the term that Genesis models aimed to be described as. Each of the Genesis models stands as an emblem of elegant sculpture that preserves its iconic proportions. Genesis vehicles never fail to captivate the audience with their unique shapes and distinctive design language.

Be it the signature grille following the hexagonal rules, or the luxury tweaks that evolve from the confidence of meticulous attention, Genesis models enter the labyrinth of intricate detail to reach the level of unparalleled refinement. With all these virtues up on its sleeves Genesis models come with an appeal that is modern yet timeless, derived from its precise craftsmanship, commented a famous critic at the showroom floor of Corona Genesis dealership.

Luxury Interpreted in Terms of Quality

Genesis as the luxury wing of Hyundai is known for rewarding it’s consumers with the best possible feeling of senses. Each of the Genesis cars is draped and covered in rich and luxurious materials, that includes genuine wood trim for the hard surfaces, while the upholstery is done with a combination of premium quality textiles and supple Nappa leather. Genesis today parallels the first row premium luxury brands namely the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi with its mindful implementations enriching the in car experiences of people in a meaningful way.

Wholesome Innovation

Genesis cars are always in the pursuit of striking the perfect balance between the real needs of the hour and the demands of the consumers. It does so first by looking at the feasibility of materializing a technological concept, before promising them to the consumers. This strive for innovation is pursued with a wholesome approach towards fulfilling the needs and expectations of the people who can also afford such kind of luxuries.

Redefining the concept of In-Car Luxury

Genesis is a luxury automobile brand that redefines the concept of in car luxury not only in terms of creature comfort but also by creating a harmonious experience. For this the automaker keeps the level of technological assistance below the priority of overall interior comfort. Right from the placement of the buttons, their controls, to the installation of smart connectivity, Genesis ushers in the blessings of technology to ensure only to ensure, every moment spent in the Genesis cabin is spent with a positive note.

Riding every Genesis model equals to experiencing a sanctuary of silence. The cabins stay exceptionally quiet throughout the journeys, irrespective of the outward situations it is driving through. All this is to provide its users a consistently peaceful environment, that translates into a satisfying travel experience. Genesis models also displays sufficient amount of athleticism but in the perfect ratio to urban refinement, to delivers a stable ride at every turn and in any speed it is driven with.

Wrapping Up

An experienced technician at the Genesis Corona defined Genesis vehicles to be meant to last a human lifetime. They are nevertheless designed to ensure a stress-free ride and drive experience to anybody who enters into their comfort and luxury zone.