Check Engine Light Is On? Here Are The Possible Causes

A vehicle’s check engine light is a very useful part of the Mercedes Benz as it indicates trouble even when the car owner doesn’t see anything wrong. Of course, everyone who drives a car knows that when the check engine light is on, there must be some kind of engine problem. The common question is: what is the problem?

Mercedes Benz owners who aren’t sure if they need to look for new MB parts when the light is on can learn a thing or two here. These are the possible causes for the flashing of the check engine light and when it’s best to canvas for replacement Mercedes Benz parts.

Reason 1: Gas Cap Wasn’t Tightened

Filling up your car’s tank is very common that most drivers do the entire routine without giving it a second thought. However, there are instances where after driving away from the gas station the check engine light flashes. Don’t panic, there might be a simple reason why: the gas cap. It is all too common for drivers to forget to tighten the gas cap after refilling the tank.

Simply pull over and check on the cap. If it is loose, tighten it and you will immediately see that the check engine light is no longer flashing its warning.

Reason 2: Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is one of the most important MB parts that ensure your engine is running properly. If the sensor detects a high amount of emissions it will light up to alert the driver. If you notice that your check engine light is on and it might be due to the oxygen sensor, then you need to get your car checked.

Faulty oxygen sensors can lead to a failure during a car inspection because it will indicate that your vehicle is producing excessive emissions. Do not ignore this problem as it may cause you more to repair the oxygen sensor in the future when more damage has been done to your car.

Reason 3: Old Spark Plugs

Keep in mind that the spark plugs are Mercedes Benz parts that require constant replacement. Professionals advice car owners to replace their spark plugs for every 25,000 miles the vehicle has traveled. If the replacement is delayed, the check engine light will turn on and you need to drive to the nearest accredited Mercedes Benz servicing facility to get the parts replaced.

Reason 4: Dirty Filters

Another potential reason why the check engine light is flashing its warning can be due to the car’s mass airflow sensor. When the car’s air filter is not replaced regularly, the dirty filters will not do their job properly. This can result in more emissions, a significantly lowered gas mileage, and even stalling. Replacing the air filters should be done regularly to avoid any complicated car trouble in the future.

When To Seek Professional Repairs

The moment you see the check engine light flashing, stay calm. There are some reasons that you can resolve right away by doing some simple checks. However, if the light continues to flash after you have tried everything it is time to let the experts handle solve the problem.
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