Why You Should Be Part of a Fueling Network

If you’re a fleet manager, chances are you know from experience how fuel costs can overshadow other operation expenses. Even worse, it can be difficult to track expenditures or monitor for abuse. When normal debit or credit cards are used, fleet managers worry about the possibility of overspending or fraud due to lack of accountability and monitoring.

A popular alternative to using debit or credit cards for fuel costs is joining a fueling network. Here is some information about why you should consider being part of a fueling network.

Universal Acceptance

One of the main advantages of being a part of a fueling network is universal acceptance. A fleet fuel card will be accepted at just about all regional and national locations.

This will lead to significant cost savings because drivers will no longer need to drive several extra miles or risk running out of gas to find a qualifying location.

Purchase Control

One of the main concerns of fleet managers is the pervasiveness of credit card misuse and fraud by drivers. If there are no purchase controls in place, drivers can find ways to “game the system” with add-on purchases of convenience store items or fuel.

A fuel card program will make it possible for fleet managers to track purchases and enforce the company’s purchasing policies. Fleet managers can take advantage of a fleet fuel cad program to control the circumstances of driver spending.

If you are a fleet manager who has struggled with the issue of tracking and controlling fuel costs for your fleets, you should consider joining a fueling network. For more information about how to become a part of a cfn cardlock network and the advantages of such a program, don’t hesitate to contact us.