Why does everyone want to buy a Volkswagen these days?

Volkswagen is a brand that evolves with the latest advances in science and technology. When it was founded in 1938, it became the most important car company in Germany and less than a decade later, it was the most powerful in the world. Today, Volkswagen is the fourth largest vehicle assembler on the planet and is slowly threatening to take back the first place it once held. Despite the years and the crises of global economy, Volkswagen is still a profitable company and a favorite of consumers, because they’ve never sacrificed the quality of their vehicles.

Nowadays, many vehicle companies have sacrificed the quality of their products to have a higher production. In contrast, Volkswagen doesn’t need to sacrifice quality to produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually. Let’s see an example.

Some companies use aluminum in chassis. Some experts say that aluminum absorbs impacts better in cases of collisions, but it’s also true that replacing some parts of steel with aluminum can help reduce production costs. In contrast, Volkswagen continues to manufacture its chassis with the highest quality steel.

At first, Hitler’s dream was that machines manufactured during Nazi era were indestructible. Therefore, some German tanks were too heavy, because they were made of very dense steel. However, this made them heavier and less fast, making them an easy target at the battlefield.

Under that same concept of indestructibility, Volkswagens were also manufactured. Obviously, having Ferdinand Porsche as founder and technical director, it was almost impossible for these cars had the same defects of German war machines. In fact, Ferdinand Porsche himself modified the design of several of these machines to make them much more efficient. Surely, if Ferdinand Porsche would have collaborated since the beginning of the war with Hitler, perhaps Nazis would have conquered the world. Fortunately, that never happened.

Despite serving to the Nazis just like Henry Ford, today Ferdinand Porsche is renowned as one of the brightest minds in automotive design. His Beetle model turned Volkswagen cars into the favorites of the whole world. Today it’s common to see Volkswagen cars in countries of the 7 continents.

If you consider yourself a true fan of this brand, you should visit their official websites to find the latest Volkswagen news. Volkswagen knows that the satisfaction of its customers comes first; therefore, they constantly launch new models to the market to satisfy their needs.

Volkswagen has a special model for each person. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, a Volkswagen should be your first choice. When you buy one of these at one of its authorized showrooms, you can take advantage of all the exclusive benefits that Volkswagen has for its users.

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