The Massively Popular Sports – Tourer is Another of Honda’s Legendary Machines

Sports tourers are a hugely popular class of motorcycle because of their unique ability to combine the comfort of long-distance tourers with the speed of sports bikes. It is said that there are few experiences comparable to the enjoyment of crossing the highways or country roads on your sports-tourer. Honda creates some of the worlds most loved motorcycles and their ultimate sports-tourer, the CBR1100XX super blackbird is no exception.

The super blackbird was first developed to replace the Kawasaki Ninja as the world’s fastest motorcycle, Honda succeeded in this. The super blackbird is capable of reaching speeds of 287 km/h. The name super blackbird is shared with an equally famous aircraft which also held the record as the world’s fastest aircraft at the time, the Lockheed SR-71. The blackbird was discontinued in 2007 and had few major changes in its production lifetime, most changes were cosmetic except for the 2001 switch to fuel injection and LCD instrumentation. Unlike many other motorcycles which are subject to frequent updates and changes, this Honda was built to be perfect from the very beginning.

One of the bikes defining characteristics is its smooth power delivery and heaps of torque reserves, one simply has to twist the throttle a little bit to access the enormous power generated by the 1100cc engine. The CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is the pinnacle model in the Honda motorcycle range and this can be seen in its sheer size. Honda was known for creating small frame motorcycles which offered a lot of power. Honda broke away from this tradition with the blackbird and created a truly huge motorcycle. Despite its enormous size, the blackbird is very easy to handle.

These bikes have become collector’s items and it can sometimes be a challenge to find well-maintained examples. Many enthusiasts choose to purchase bikes that need some restoration and return them to their full glory using original high-quality parts. Parts for these motorcycles can be bought from reputable dealers who specialise in Honda motorcycle spares. A well-maintained Honda motorcycle will serve you faithfully for many years owing to its legendary Honda reliability and near-perfect design.

If you often carry a passenger on extended trips the blackbird is an excellent choice. The bike is capable of carrying rider and passenger in supreme comfort for many kilometres. Touring scenic areas by motorcycle is a favourite pastime of many people and the Honda CBR1100XX is a great bike to do it with. The performance and comfort make for effortless touring on any road surface. The size of the bike can be quite intimidating at first but once you are used to the dimensions it becomes rather easy to navigate tight bends and easy straights.

If you are an avid biker or simply enjoy the freedom of being on two wheels the Honda CBR1100XX super blackbird is the sports-tourer for you. The bike is very versatile and can even be used with ease as a daily commuter if needed. Honda has yet again outdone themselves in the creation of this legendary motorcycle.