Smarter Choices for the Classic Cars Insurance

Good news for you because old cars can be insured in insurance called “collection”. These insurance options offered by brokers and specialized firms offer the main advantage of a very attractive tariff schedule, with guarantees equivalent to traditional insurers.

The secret of insurers collection?

No miracle in fact, since you usually have to be over 21 years old, have more than 3 years of driving license, have not declared responsible losses in the last two years and above all already have a vehicle insured on a standard contract. For the Clasiq cars, this is a very important deal.

Clearly, the rates are very advantageous since the insurer collection is almost certain that you will only occasionally ride with your old car. Do not confuse insurance collection and gray card collection. Cars considered as a collection by insurance companies are generally at least 10 years old. Before deciding to buy an old car, be sure to check with the insurance collection that it is eligible. You need to be specific on the choice for the same. Then only you can think of the classic cars.

How To Do The Maintenance?

A beautiful old in your personal garage? Yes, but for the maintenance, how to proceed? Depending on the brand of your old vehicle, you can still visit the official network, as some manufacturers are careful to maintain their car heritage in condition. Thus, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi and others (English in particular) continue to manufacture original spare parts and their authorized repairers are able to maintain them.

For the French and Italian brands, the example is not followed, and very quickly the pieces are no longer available. The most complicated is the case of missing brands, for which there is no longer an official network or existing structures.

Only a few specialists, passionate about these missing brands are responsible for maintaining them with the kind help of clubs dedicated to the brands concerned. The absence of spare parts often involves a long way of cross in exchange exchanges and trade shows to find used parts, or re-fabrications can sometimes be considered. We see it here, the choice of your next old can also be decided according to its ease to maintain.

Your Old Everyday

So that your “relationship” with your new old car is under the best auspices, the ideal is to have a garage or a closed box, dry and sheltered from bad weather. As you may not use your old car more than once a week, his garage will be a guarantee to preserve it. The installation of a circuit breaker will prevent you from changing the battery every 6 months, and if you do not intend to use your car during the winter months, go up on the holds or at best over-inflate the tires in order to prevent these from becoming deformed. Finally, the only real guarantee of longevity to better preserve its old car is to ride regularly and respect the warm-up before “tapping” in mechanics.