How to Improve the Braking Performance of My Vehicle?

As we all know that the performance of our vehicle’s braking system can be improved by making improvement in three main areas – using better tires, using better brake pads and finally having a larger diameter of the rotor so that you can get more amount of brake torque. If your tires are in good condition then most cost-effective improvement will come by using right kind of brake pads.

Now what is the right kind of brake pad will depend upon what you want from the braking system. You may either focus on the brake performance or less amount of dust or something else. Therefore, every break pad manufacturer has brake pads of different grades. If you want better braking performance then you have to bear with dust and also pay more price. Some of the hybrid pads offer low noise as well as low dust. Therefore, you need to trade off between cost and performance and make a right selection.

After asbestos-based brakes was banned for use, the ceramic pads were introduced as brake pad material, and they become quite popular in the market as they produce very less noise as well as dust. However, ceramic has lower friction coefficient and can increase the temperature of the rotor disc. Therefore, you cannot expect a very good performance from any ceramic pads. If you want much better brake performance then you can prefer any hybrid pads or premium-grade semi-metallic pads, which will also be low dust and noise without sacrificing the braking power. However, you should be ready to pay its higher price.

Manufacturers of various cars has to consider a number of things while launching their car in the market – quality, price, deliverability and many other such factors. It is not necessary that they will supply everything that is best in the market and in such case, they will never be able to sell their car in this competitive market.

Therefore, they will make necessary specification of their breaking system to and provide the same to any OEM company like who will supply the braking system as per the specification. Manufacturers will not like to use the cheapest components in their car either, so that their car can perform well till the warranty period lasts. Therefore, entirely it is your choice to replace your braking system with OEM parts or any other better quality of braking system.

The reason for failure of braking systems can be many. However, the major failure occurs when the material of the fails pad used, as this can occur due to excess temperature.

Many people often wonder – which is the better choice between slotted rotors or drilled rotors? There is no easy answer to this as there are a number of subjectivities. However, slotted rotors can have slight edge over drilled rotors due to the following reasons:

  • Slotted rotors do not get cracked as easily as the drilled rotors
  • Breaking surface area is more in slotted rotors as compared to drilled rotors and therefore it will give better grip.
  • Brake rotor generally converts kinetic energy into heat energy and slotted rotors can handle heat in a better way
  • You will have to replace your break pad less often as compared to drilled rotors however with better price.

Therefore, if you want to improve the performance of your brake system in your car choose the right quality of braking system.