Essential Things You Need to Check On Your Car Before Hitting The Road

Jail is a lonely place for people who are convicted. Guilty or not, nobody wants to be in jail. You can lose your job, family, and future. Plus, you will lose hope. Being in prison is life-changing. The experience can turn your world upside down.

Below are the essential things you need to check on your car before hitting the road to avoid accidents.

However, even if these car parts below are in top condition. It will not save you from trouble whenever you plan to drink and drive. If you are guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, call the best DUI attorney Houston.

Control the Steering Wheel

Your car has a steering system that transmits the movement of the steering wheel down to its steering shaft. When you move the steering wheel, you are also moving your wheels from left and right. However, car wheels don’t turn at the same angle.

In driving, the steering wheel is one of the most vital parts of your car. It controls and leads your way. Plus, it can save you from road offenses. From a distance, the police officer will observe how you drive. If he feels that you’re not in control of your steering wheel, there is a high possibility that he will pull you over. Ask you some questions and let you take the sobriety test.

Wear Proper Seat belt

Driving while intoxicated or not, everyone must wear a seatbelt properly. Safety is the top-most priority, especially on the road. It is the main reason why each state has their seat belt laws to follow.

If you’re living in Houston or driving around town, you should know that seatbelt law is considered a secondary charge. It means that a police officer cannot ticket a driver for not wearing a seatbelt. But if the driver has first offense such as DWI or drinking while intoxicated, then this charge is another problem you need to face.

Use your Brake Smoothly

Did you know that erratically stoping is a sign of impaired driving? When you stop for a checkpoint, make sure to use your brake smoothly. Avoid stopping all of a sudden. Don’t make it too evident that you’re under the influence and you’re guilty.

When a traffic officer raises their hand, use your brakes so you can stop right in front of them. Make sure you are not stopping too far or too close. You are still under observation. You are not arrested yet so act normal.

Always Check your Side Mirror

They will inspect if your mirror does not give you a clear view of 200 feet. Plus, they also reject mirrors that offer unsafe interference and a reflective surface. Always check if your mirror is cracked, broken, and peeled.

Car mirrors are necessary to avoid crashing other cars around you. If you are driving safely even you’re intoxicated there is a chance that you can get away from charges.

Use the Dashboard as Your Guide

The dashboard will serve as your guide while driving. You can check the engine’s temperature warning light, oil pressure, and battery alert. These are very significant signs.

When you’re on the road, always check if you’re over speeding or driving too slow. During a case evaluation, DUI attorney Houston will ask how fast you are. It would be best if you’re driving at a regular speed. Another thing is that you can install a camera on the dashboard for security purposes. You can use your recording as strong evidence.