Effective tips to improve bike’s performance

Most of all like to be physically fit, but during the current schedule, you may not find time to work on schedules. Being physically fit is the sign to be leading your life happy; the same law will be applicable to the bikes also. Being stable and durable is the sign to makes the bike familiar and worth.  If you ignore it to care and don’t bother about maintaining it will create more problems due to mechanical and physical parts. Look out the following tips to take care of your bike life to run as smoothly as you.

What are the things to take care of bike parts?

Make your time to worth for Taking care of your bike than spending time to other work, Keep it clean by giving a good wipe on the bike to clean the dust once in few days and washed it at least once a month. Check the rust and dust on the bike, and wipe out it was like 150CC bikes in India. There are few ways to increase bike’s power but it is all depended to the model and capacity of the bike.

Increase the amount of intake air

This method is supposed to be an easiest and suitable for certain economical methods to increase the power on the bike, Choose the mushroom head typically to increase the amount of air intake on bikes. Use the mushroom head about 50 percent, it helps to reduce airflow and generates turbulence to make an optimal balance of air filtration. Consumption of fuel can be increased by using mushroom heads to result of thinned air mixture, Adjust the carburetor slightly to normalize the air mixture ratio.

Role of Ignition Modification

Ignition modification generates the spark energy in the bike in needed to ignite the air/fuel. In Engine’s cylinder, the ignition will create the mixture of air/fuel to create spark energy by using ignition coil, Coil driver, distributor, Spark plugs and spark plug wires. Benefits of ignition are to control the angle in bike too change it. Opt the best quality of simple spark plug to use in Ignition needle filer gives the spark than the other fuel consumption.

Guide to tune the carburetor

Tuning the changes in the carburetor is the best way to increase the performance of bike and it is responsible to increase the ratio of Fuel-air. Screw the adjustments in stroke engines, throttle cable, Air and fuel screw, don’t try to increase the screwing on the decreased place and decreased screwing in the need of increasing part. Repeat this process and checks the RPM in tachometer then know the differences in response to the engine sound.

Switching the exhaust in bike

Typically there are two routes to consider for switching the exhaust in bikes, replace the muffler and to add slip-on. Change the entire set of the exhaust system to generate the Higher end power, and make sure whether it is designed to fit on the bike, and to work properly on the off-road trip, it results from a Lower and higher end power.