Driving a Heavy Rigid Truck in Melbourne

A heavy rigid vehicle is a type of mover or a rigid motor vehicle that has a semi trailer with a GVM for more than 9 tonnes, along with a converter dolly. A driver is eligible to drive a heavy rigid vehicle only if he has been holding a heavy combination licence for at least 2 years and 1 year licence for medium rigid or heavy rigid trucks.

There are several companies that provide accredited courses for obtaining the HR Truck Licence in Melbourne. The training institutes are equipped with the modern and well maintained training vehicles, with a custom built training facility of their own. The training thus includes an off-the-road training pathway and reversing area for practice, before the students are assessed on their skill set.

The Heavy Rigid Truck Course

The areas covered in the course designed for Heavy Rigid Vehicle Drivers are:

  1. The Laws of the roads
  2. The weight of the heavy vehicles
  3. Reverse training followed by assessment
  4. An eyesight test
  5. The alcohol effects
  6. The Hendon system of control over vehicles
  7. Safety operation and skill set required
  8. Driving training and assessment
  9. The vehicle checks done pre and post operations
  10. Checks on performance

Eligibility Criteria

The heavy rigid truck driving course has been designed for those operators that aspire to obtain a Heavy Rigid Truck licence in Melbourne on a vehicle that is equipped with a non-synchromesh gearbox. The aspirants must have a valid licence for 12 months at least in Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid vehicles. They should also have an Australian car driver’s licence for at least a period of 2 years.

An Identity proof is then presented for enrolment into the course. The driver should necessarily have confidence in driving a manual heavy rigid vehicle too. The admission into this course is also subject to the clearance of a Roads Eligibility Test. The duration of the course is between 2-3 days.

For every 2 students, one trainer is provided, as the training is very sensitive. The students that pass through the assessment conducted by the training institutes after the course receive a Certificate of Competence. This certificate helps the drivers to receive a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence in Melbourne.

If the student does not perform well in the assessment, his training continues until he does. The cost of the course is priced under $1500. The students will incur additional costs in case they enrol for subsequent training or retesting.

Superior Heavy Vehicle Licence

The heavy rigid truck licence in Melbourne is the transport industry’s answer to encourage the new drivers into their industry, by providing them with the skills required and the technical knowhow.

The qualified instructors at TDT provide driving lessons to their students from all parts of Melbourne. The driving lessons could also be taken at a location convenient to the student driver. Depending on the current licence of the driver, he is allotted with the heavy combination vehicle licence that he is eligible for after the course completion.