Mistake number 1 - grammar and punctuation

Grammar and punctuation mistakes are the most common (and deadly for resumes)! Not complying with the elementary rules characterizes you as uneducated and inattentive. You should agree that these are not the right qualities for a person who wants to position himself as a professional.

Mistake number 2 - the emphasis on responsibilities, rather than results

Undoubtedly, listing your responsibilities from previous jobs is important, but more important is describing your professional achievements and successes that have made you a valuable employee for previous employers.

So focus on accomplishments and results.

Mistake number 3 - a lot of text

A resume where the candidate describes his personal life, achievements, hobbies, marital status, habits, cars, and so on and so forth in detail and artfully, often gets into the curiosity section of professional "bounty hunter" websites.

You don't want to be the hero of the curiosities section, do you? Remove unnecessary information from your resume.

Extraneous information includes skills and personality traits that are not directly related to the job. No, it's great, of course, that you dared and somehow jumped with a parachute, that your favorite activity - walking around the city at night, and part of your earnings every year you give to an animal shelter. But we assure you, all this will not add pluses, but can cause irritation easily.

And yet, look, that the section on the work was not formal and depressing on the background of such a bravado-bright story about himself. You are interested in your work, too, aren't you?

Mistake number 4 - bad photos

What does bad photo mean? Let's define right away: a resume of a modern candidate must have a photo, and choosing the "right" picture is real, you only need to remember the three main rules:

First rule: the photo must necessarily "capture" only you, and only against a neutral background. You categorically exclude carpets, wallpaper, beach and other things that are not related to your work. It can just be a bright wall. Yes, don't forget the clever look in the lens, the photo can be taken in a cafe (you and a cup of morning coffee), and you can also be captured in your current workplace, if the setting allows.

The second rule: in the photo your face must be clearly visible, so remove sunglasses, take off hats, caps and other things.

Third rule: even in the picture you should be dressed appropriately, business style and minimal makeup are welcome.

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